ChefCedricwas born from the idea of combining traditional cuisine from around the world with low temperature vacuum cooking techniques. This last makes it possible to sublimate the organoleptic properties of the meats such as the tenderness, the flavor and the odor and to give the vegetables an impeccable taste and texture. The method was first described by Sir Banjamin Thompson, Count Rumford in 1799 (although he used air as the heat transfer medium). It was re-discovered by American and French engineers in the mid-1960s and developed into an industrial food preservation method. The method was adopted by Georges Pralus in 1974 for the restaurant Troisgros (of Pierre and Michel Troisgros) in Roanne, France. He discovered that when foie gras was cooked in this manner, it kept its original appearance, did not lose excess amounts of fat, and had better texture.